Ten Pin Bowling Shoes on Linen

Ten Pin Bowling Shoes on Linen

I didn’t know you could get specialist shoes for ten pin bowling.  I suppose I’ve never had reason to think about it, I’ve only ever been bowling twice! 

Apparently you need these shoes to have consistent control over your sliding. No doubt they work very well for that but ten pin bowling shoes also make a great still life!

Ten Pin Bowling Shoes
Acrylics on Canvas
6 * 4 inches

This painting has been done on medium weave primed linen.  I divided that roll I bought the other day into two.  One have has given me four 8 * 10 inch pieces and three smaller scraps.  I used one of the scrap pieces for this painting.

Colours are: pthalo blue & white for the background; alizarin crimson and a touch of napthol red light for the main part of the shoe; ultramarine blue and burnt sienna for various darks.

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