Art Print Types – Choosing Your Wall Art Substrate

Art Print Types – Choosing Your Wall Art Substrate

A well decorated wall can create the perfect indoor mood. If art prints are your choice of wall decor you’ll need to decide upon art print types. That’s the surface on which the art is printed, each type has its own particular effect on a room’s ambience so you’ll want to know what options there are.

When choosing printed wall art you have to select a specific image, the print size, and also the surface type or substrate to be used. If you’ve ever looked into the variety of available print substrates you’ll already have an idea of how the choice of print type can have an effect on the feel and style of a room’s decor.

At Tina Lewis Art our wall art features original art work by artist Tina Lewis. Her creations include colourful still lifes, floral arrangements, landscapes and other themes, you are guaranteed to find something that’s a perfect fit for your room. We offer posters on high quality art print, framed prints, gallery stretched canvas metal prints and acrylic prints are available. These art substrates and more are discussed below.

Poster Prints

When we talk of posters at Tina Lewis Art, we actually mean stunning museum-quality art prints made using archival inks on thick, acid-free paper. If you want to decorate your space with minimal fuss and cost then a poster print is what you’re looking for.

Posters have been around for ages, often advertising products and events and featuring both artwork and typography. They’ve always been a standard form of decoration in student’s dorms, offices and bedrooms. These poster art prints can be used the same way, their high level colour reproduction will satisfy the needs of young and old alike.

Features of poster prints:
– Easy to hang
– Simple, cheap shipping
– Light to handle
– Low cost compared to other art print types

Framed Prints

Framed prints take the poster prints a step further with a picture frame around the art. Ours feature the same quality thick paper, archival inks, a light weight acrylic sheet for the glazing and a simple black frame which give a polished look in most settings.

If you are going to frame the print yourself you can choose to include matting around the picture. Select a frame to go with your overall décor: frames can be simple or very ornate, thick or thin, and any choice of colour.

Frames give your artwork and room a certain level of sophistication which you can boost by arranging a number of prints on a wall to give a pleasing gallery effect.

Framed Art Print

Features of framed prints:
– Popular and traditional print type
– Frames provide an elegant sophistication
– Can choose frames to compliment room decor
– Reasonably easy to hang

Canvas Prints

Artwork on textured canvas works perfectly in many settings and are another popular art print type. The canvas fabric is printed with high quality archival inks and hand stretched over wooden frames. Canvas is a very traditional art substrate – it has been used as a painting surface since the 16th century so by choosing a print on canvas you’re continuing a very old tradition!

The canvas prints can be hung as they are or you may prefer to buy a picture frame to put around your art piece. Either way it will give you a classically stylish piece of art with which to decorate your living space.

Features of Canvas Prints:
– Has a wonderful fabric texture
– Light in weight
– Very portable
– No glare or reflections

Metal Prints – Metallic Art Print Substrates

If you’re hoping for a modern sleek feel to your room décor then metal prints might be the way to go to achieve that.

With metal prints the art is printed on a metal (usually aluminium) surface. You can choose your print to have either a glossy or a matte finish. The prints have a slim profile which, along with the colour brilliance that is achieved when using metal, creates a stunning effect.

Features of metal prints:
– Striking visual impact
– Highly durable
– Resistant to damage from scratches and fading
– Choice of matte or glossy finish

Acrylic Prints

Acrylics are another good choice for anyone aiming for a contemporary style to their living space. Certainly a very different and modern substrate, they have only been around since the last century. Acrylic prints come with the artwork either printed directly on the acrylic or printed on high quality art paper which is bonded to the acrylic. Ours use the former method but both give excellent results.

Bright and vivid, acrylic prints will give you an eye-catching decorative piece. These prints produce really vibrant colours. In addition light refracting through the acrylic sheet helps to give the artwork the effect of having greater depth.

Poppy Flower in Grass Acrylic Print
Poppy Flower Acrylic Print

Features of acrylic prints:
– Vibrant colours, your art will pop
– Sleek, modern and fairly lightweight
– Resistant to temperature changes and effects of UV light
– Shatter proof

Wood Prints – Wooden Art Print Substrates

Wood prints can give a lovely rustic feel to your living space. The natural grain of the wood, which comes through on the print, gives a unique finish to each print and makes for a special product that will enhance any room.

Bear in mind that for most printing processes, ‘pure whites’ are usually provided by the white of the substrate. So any pure white areas in the artwork will appear as the wood’s brown colour.

Wood Art Print Substrate
Art Printed on Wood Substrate

Features of wood prints:
– Striking rustic effect
– Unique wood grain on each piece
– Provides a natural feel to the art work


Wall tapestries come in all sizes and shapes but provide quite a different style effect to your home compared to some of the other print substrates. Tapestries have been used for centuries to provide a warm ambience and artistic decoration to rooms. Traditionally these wall hangings are made by weaving coloured threads on a loom but many modern tapestries have the art printed on previously woven fabric.

Tapestries come in various sizes, the larger ones can create an eye catching effect on a wall and add a degree of opulence to a room.

Features of tapestries:
– Easy to hang
– Can give a nice bohemian feel to a room
– Tapestries are available in variety of shapes and colours

Art Print Types

In decorating your living space you’re going to want art print types that will help deliver your chosen style. Whether it’s sleek avant-garde or a more traditional ambience you’re after, you’re bound to find a solution with one of the print types mentioned in this blog post.

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