Painting From ImagineFX

Painting From ImagineFX


I’ve only ever subscribed to one glossy magazine in my life. For about 8 years, up until 2013, I received the digital painting magazine ImagineFX. I love that magazine and own the first 100 or so editions – they’ll be collectors items one day!

But they started taking up too much room and I realised that I much prefer painting with traditional mediums to digital painting, so I ended the subscription.

ImagineFX Magazines
My ImagineFX Magazines

I still pour over the magazines from time to time, most of the topics and tutorials are still pertinent to traditional painting. The magazines are also a great source of imagery when I just want to practice colour mixing, mark making or to test out supplies.

Acrylic Gouache

The featured image of an elfin heroin is one such practice piece. It’s an acrylic painting on 8*10 inch, very heavyweight (>>300gsm) watercolour paper. An underpainting was done using Vallejo acrylic gouache.

Black Acrylic Gouache
Black Acrylic Gouache

My intention had been to do the whole painting in the acrylic gouache but that stuff smells terribly! A strong, unpleasant, chemical smell that still hasn’t left the painting a few years later! I threw away the white, red, blue and yellow bottles. The black I’ve left for reference. There’s a Japanese company that does an acrylic gouache that I hope to try someday but for now I’m happy with casein as a matte medium, that has a lovely smell!

I was very pleased with the way the painting turned out, it doesn’t look that much like the original (it wasn’t really meant to) but I think it has a charm of its own and plan to do a few portraits in that style.

Here’s the original digital painting, it was by Jake Probelski a US based artist, and it was featured in ImagineFX edition 59. In the article he was talking about using colour and lighting to affect the mood of his painting.

Digital Painting by Jake Probelski
Digital Painting by Jake Probelski

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  1. Interesting post, Tina – loved reading about your process! And isn’t it amazing how the smell of a product becomes make or break in terms of using it! I haven’t used acrylics in a long time, but am looking to reintroduce it into my routine ‘cause of the drying time. Smell wise, my water based (soluble) oils saved my experiment and shift to oils years back. Everyone in the house was relieved, lol! Ps- love your Little Girl in Pink Dress 😊

    1. Thanks Felipe, definitely re. the smells. I don’t have a problem with oils though, I mostly use walnut alkyd and/or a touch of zest-it so no strong smells.

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