How to Draw a Halloween Pumpkin

How to Draw a Halloween Pumpkin

An easy step by step to drawing a Halloween pumpkin

Would you like to learn how to draw a Halloween pumpkin?

Halloween is only a few months away and it’s never too early to start planning so I’m going to write a few ‘how to draw’ posts that have a Halloween theme.

The tradition of carving pumpkins at Halloween is thought to have been started by the ancient Celts who would carve turnips to create a Jack-o-Lantern. A burning ember would be placed inside them and the lanterns left in windows to ward off evil spirits during the Samhain festival which was held at the end of October. Irish settlers to the New World carried on this tradition, replacing the turnips with pumpkins.

Let’s Draw a Pumpkin First

A flattened circle to start with.
A flattened circle

Draw the pumpkin with a pencil.

You’ll need to rub out construction lines here and there so try and use a fairly light touch.

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Add some colour

Start by drawing a slightly flattened circle. This represents the main outline of the pumpkin.

Draw the Pumpkin’s Lobes

Draw the pumpkin's lobes
Curved lines for the lobes

Next draw a few curved lines for the lobes of the pumpkins. Don’t start exactly at the top, leave some space for the pumpkin’s stalk and the lobes on the other side.

Curves on the Top and Bottom

Curve the ends of the lobes
Curve the ends of the lobes

Join the lobe lines to each other with small curves as shown. Draw a few of these small curved at the top of the main shape – these are the lobes at the back of the pumpkin.

Remove the excess lines
Remove the excess lines

Don’t forget to rub out any unwanted lines.

Draw the Stalk

Two curved lines for the stalk
Curved lines for the stalk

Next draw two curved lines for the stalk. You can have it facing to the left or right, your choice!

Top of the stalk
Top of the stalk

Connect the two stalk lines with a small oval shape. This is the upper facing edge of the pumpkin’s stalk.

Remove the excess line
Remove the excess line

Again remove any unwanted lines, this time it is the bit of one of the lobes that seems to go through the stalk.

One Finished Pumpkin

How to draw a pumpkin
How to draw a Pumpkin

And here’s the finished pumpkin.

Draw the Halloween Pumpkin Face

How to draw a halloween pumpkin face
How to draw a Halloween pumpkin face

Halloween pumpkins are usually carved with triangular eyes and nose and a grinning smile. I’ll be keeping to that tradition.

Draw to triangles next to each other for the eyes and another one in the middle of these and slightly below them for the nose.

Then add two curved lines below the nose for the pumpkin’s mouth.

Remove the excess lines
Remove the excess lines

Rub out any lobe lines that go through the face.

Add some depth to the features

Pumpkins have quite a lot of flesh and you should be able to see that in the eyes, nose and mouth. Add a few extra lines to these to show the flesh and add depth to your drawing.

Give the Pumpkin Some Teeth – Draw a Scary Pumpkin!

Draw some scary Halloween teeth

You could leave the pumpkin there (with a toothless grin!) or add a couple of scary fangs to its mouth.

Simply draw two triangles on the upper mouth curve. Remember to rub out the excess line sections of the mouth.

A Halloween Pumpkin

How to draw a Halloween Pumpkin

Now you know how to draw a Halloween Pumpkin why don’t you have some fun and try out different facial features?

How to draw a jagged teeth Halloween  pumpkin face
Jagged teeth pumpkin face
How to draw a creepy eyed Halloween pumpkin face
Creepy eyed pumpkin face

Complete the Halloween Pumpkin with some Colour

Colour in the pumpkin with whatever tools you have to hand. Have fun with colours and textures.

Halloween pumpkin coloured with mixed media
Mixed media colouring

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