How to Draw a Bunny Step by Step

How to Draw a Bunny Step by Step

Do You Want to Draw an Easter Bunny?

Easter is around the corner so it’s just the right time to learn how to draw a bunny rabbit.

Follow this easy step by step tutorial and, after a series of easy curves, you’ll be admiring your very own cute bunny. Each step comes with a helpful illustration which you can click on for more detail if necessary.

And if you’d rather get straight into painting then here’s a bunny colouring page to download.

Cheeks and Chin

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start!

In this case the beginning is a kind of heart shaped loop, slightly flattened at the bottom.

The bunny's cheeks
The Bunny’s Cheeks and Chin

This shape is the bottom part of the bunny’s face, its cheeks and chin area.

Draw the bunny with a pencil.

Later on you’ll need to rub out some construction lines so try and use a fairly light touch.

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Top of Head

Next draw a curve, sort of like a half circle, on top of the bunny’s cheeks. This is the top half of its head.

A bunny for Easter - top of head
Top Half of the Bunny’s Head

Cheek Fur

The next part isn’t strictly necessary but its rather nice to have – tufts of fur on the top part of the bunny’s cheeks.

Draw a slightly curved line that starts from the top part of the cheek and aim it downwards as shown. This is the top line in a series of three spikes that ends further down the curve of the cheek. Try and make each section slightly shorter than the previous one and end back on the cheek to complete the tuft. Create a tuft of fur on both the left and right sides of the face.

Draw the cheek fur
Draw Tufts of Fur on the Bunny’s Cheeks

We need to show a boundary between the fur on the side of the cheeks and the rest of the lower face so, starting from a point high on the upper cheek, draw a curve around the side of the face that ends near the chin line. Do the same on both sides.

A bunny face - cheek fur
Fur Boundary on the Cheeks

Bunny’s Nose

We’re going to place our bunny’s nose around the ‘V’ of the heart shaped lower face.

First draw a slightly curved line that connects two points along the inner curves of the cheeks as shown. The points can be at any height depending on how large you want the nose to be.

The line you’ve just drawn is the top of the nose. Draw another curve connecting the two points that also passes through the ‘V’ to complete the nose.

Don’t worry about those extra lines in the middle of the nose, those are construction lines that we’ll be rubbing out later on.

The nose
Draw the Bunny’s Nose

Finish the Bunny’s Head

Draw the Bunny’s Eyes

The eyes are quite easy to do. An outer semi-circular curve from the top of the cheek to the top of the nose for the whites of the eyes. And another curve inside that to make the iris. Draw the eyebrows just above the eyes, you can play about with them to give different expressions.

The eyes
Draw the Bunny’s Eyes and Eyebrows

A Smiling Mouth

Place two little upward facing arcs are the apples of the cheeks. Connect a line between the centres of these to represent the upper lip. Finish the bunny’s happy grin with another, more curved, line below the first.

A bunny cartoon - the mouth
The Bunny’s Mouth

Give your bunny two teeth placed just under the upper lip. You can make them slightly curved or hard and angular. A tongue, just above the lower lip, completes the bunny’s mouth.

A bunny for kids - teeth and tongue
Draw Two Teeth and the Tongue

Draw Two Long Ears

Now draw two narrow loops on the left and right sides of the head to create the outer shape of the ears. Two even more narrow loops inside these form the inner part of the ears.

The Ears
Draw the Bunny’s Ears

Remove the Construction Lines

There are a few sections of line that made the head easier to draw but aren’t actually needed, these construction lines are shown in red below. Rub them out to finish off the bunny’s head.

Remove construction lines
Remove Construction Lines to Complete the Head

How to Draw the Bunny’s Body

The bunny’s body is simply drawn with two loops that begin and end on the bottom of the head, around the chin area. Draw them in as shown below.

Draw the body
Two Loops for the Body

Two Arms

The bunny’s arms are a bit more involved.

From a point mid-way on the outer body line, draw a curve that bends downwards and ends just past the inner body line. This is the lower side of the arm.

Draw another line above the first, make this one curve upwards and start it mid-way between the outer and inner body lines. This is the upper side of the arm.

Now connect the lower and upper sides of the arm with a small loop which represents the bunny’s paw.

Create an arm and a paw on both sides of the body.

The bunny's arms
An Arm and a Paw

Sharp Elbows

At the moment the lower arms connect rather abruptly to the outer curves of the body. Soften the connections by creating curved elbow joins on both arms, as shown in the image below.

Arms and elbows
Give the Bunny an Elbow

More Construction Lines

Now rub out the four construction lines, shown in red in the image below, to complete the bunny’s body.

Remove construction lines
The Bunny’s Head and Body

How to Draw the Bunny’s Legs

We have our bunny sitting (or squatting if you like) back on its haunches. What you can see are its feet to the sides and its knees sticking up.

The bunny's legs
Feet to the Side, Knees Sticking Up

The Feet

For the feet, draw two lines that start from underneath the body and move outwards at an angle to each other, one directed upwards the other somewhat horizontal. Then join them with a soft curve to make the toes.

Two Knees

The knees are simply a curve that starts from the lower body and ends on top of the foot, again its the same for both sides.

And those are the bunny’s legs, wasn’t that easy?

Bits and Bobs

Our bunny is more or less complete but there are a few little things we can add to really finish it off.

A bunny for Easter - bits and bobs

Draw a tail on one side of the bunny, place the tail in-between the bunny’s body and its knee, use the same spiky effect as for the tufts on the cheeks.

Finally draw a couple of curved lines on each foot for the toes and a couple of lines on each paw.

And we’re done!

A Cute Bunny
One Cute Bunny

Complete the Bunny with Some Colour

So you’re happy with how to draw a bunny, what about colouring it in? Try and experiment with different colour combinations. For this little green fella I simply used Coloured Pencils on normal printer paper – you don’t need special equipment!

Green and pink bunny rabbit
A Green and Pink Bunny Rabbit

Download the Line Art

The line art for this little chap is free to download (for anyone who wants to get straight into colouring!).

Purple and orange bunny rabbit
A Purple and Orange Bunny Rabbit

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