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There was a Roman reenactment at Dover Castle in the first week of August – Clash of the Romans – with two teams taking part in a show of strength and skill.

What better to paint for Illustration Friday’s History than a first century AD Roman Legionary?

First Stage of Roman Painting
Early Stage of Roman Painting

I decided to paint in casein, a milk protein based paint. Above you can see an early stage with just a very rough sketch and some Burnt Sienna tones.

The painting is A4 size, in my ‘Turner & The Sea‘ Cold Press Watercolour Pad.

Later Stage of Roman Painting

At this later stage I’ve filled in the green for the grass (cadmium yellow and pthalo blue); the sky (phtalo blue and titanium white); the greys of their uniforms (ultramarine blue, burnt umber, titanium white); the reds of their skirts and shields (cadmium red scarlet); the spears (burnt sienna, burnt umber, ultramarine blue).

The first stages were painted with fairly thin washes. Once I had everything established I went in with thicker creamier paint of the same colours. I then tidied up some of the edges with coloured pencils, the dark design edgings on the main shield have also been done in coloured pencil.

Roman Legionary
Roman Legionary

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  1. So interesting to see how you developed this! So using the color pencils works well w/casein, they sit w/each other well? I’ve never used either one, but nice it’s so versatile (washes & creamy, hard lines over soft) 😊

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