Christmas Paintings

Christmas Paintings

I finally managed to finish two Christmas paintings last week, it seemed to take for ever to do.

The first, the main one at the top of the page, shows Santa riding his sleigh and reindeer over a snowy landscape. The drawing for this was actually completed over a year ago. I was toying with the idea of straightening out the lines digitally but then decided the hand-made feel was better. The painting is ink on watercolour paper with some digital editing. The original is A4 size.

The inspiration for that piece was traditional stained glass art, in particular a piece I came across of St Martin of Tours.

Christmas Paintings: Have To Start Somewhere!
Have To Start Somewhere!

The second painting, which seemed to take forever to complete, is casein, also on watercolour paper and also A4 size. Here Santa is helping a child deliver a present to the Snowman. The child is exhausted after much fun in the snow. You can find prints here.

The Snowman's Present
The Snowman’s Present

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