They Disappeared Won!

They Disappeared Won!

I entered a contest on the FAA discussion boards recently and won a $40 coupon, how great is that?

We were asked to edit the photo below. We could make whatever modifications we wanted but it had to be clear it came from the given photograph.

Original Panorama

I decided to zoom in to the section of the photo that had the most interesting elements, the man, the dogs, the distant building and the isolated tree.

Here’s the zoomed in section below.

Let’s Focus Here

There were only a few days to do it in so I decided to use watercolours (there is also a little ink work).

They Disappeared tells the creepy tale of a man out on the moors looking for his dogs. The spooky castle, the creaky twisted tree, the body-less shadows on the ground and the odd dog shaped clouds in the sky point to a dark mystery.

I quite like this idea for an illustrated children’s book, with a boy in place of the man.

I haven’t spent the coupon yet, I’ll let you all know when I do!

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