Rose on Lana Vanguard (Yupo)

Rose on Lana Vanguard (Yupo)

I’ve been trying out Lana Vanguard Polypropylene paper, it’s made in France and similar to Yupo paper. I’ll stick to writing ‘Yupo’ though as it’s a much shorter and easier word!

What is Yupo Paper?

Yupo is a synthetic paper made from plastic. Polypropylene pellets are extruded into thin paper-like sheets and cut to size. Various weights of this tree-less paper can be made from the pellets.

Rose on yupo
Acrylic on Yupo Paper 10 * 14 inches

This synthetic paper is smooth, smooth, smooth!  The paper is non-absorbent so colour sits on top of the paper and takes longer to dry than with other surfaces.  I thought this would make it great for blending but the paint just slides all over the place.

Having said that I like this painting of a rose (I started with an acrylic gouache black/white underpainting) and look forward to more experiments with Lana Vanguard paper.

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