Rick Sanchez – Digital Painting with Krita

Rick Sanchez – Digital Painting with Krita

A Wetcanvas Drawing Event

I’m not a Rick Sanchez fan, I had certainly heard of Rick and Morty but couldn’t really have told you what it was about if you’d asked.

At least that was the case 10 days ago.

Then I took part in a Wetcanvas WDE (Weekly Drawing Event) just over a week ago. Participants at a WDE are given a selection of photographs to create a painting from. At the 2 hour mark you’re supposed to down tools and show everyone how far you’ve got. The artwork can be in any medium or style and you can interpret the photos any way you want.

We had a pretty inspiring choice of photos that week including a stunning view from the Aosta Valley in Italy, an old boat by the sea and a lovely shot of a pug called Sunny (sadly dead) and his blue haired doll.

My Selection of Photos for WDE
Selected Photographs

I was rather taken by the doll and went in search of a ‘spiky blue hair doctor‘ to see if I could find out more. Sure enough there he was in the image results. I just knew I had to include him in my painting, I love cartoons and caricatures!

Digital Painting with Krita

I decided I would be working digitally, mainly because all my drawing boards are in use and I didn’t want to add to the clutter in my room. I have an UGEE drawing tablet and for the software I opted for the open source drawing program Krita.

Everyone’s heard of Photoshop, it’s the industry standard and an amazingly powerful program. I’ve taken out a subscription a few times but I really don’t like that model as I prefer to own the software I use outright. Krita feels very much like Photoshop but without the cost.

Rick Sanchez Digital Painting Stage 1
The Background

A Photo-Edited Background

Krita has the normal range of photo editing tools and there is a great selection of brushes – textured, pencils, pastels, ink, watercolour and other wet effects.

Rather than painting a background I opted to use a couple of the photos and paint the characters on top. I used the freehand selection tool to extract the boat; the clone tool was used on the man in the far left of the photograph and also on the black buoys in the boat. I also lightened the side of the boat as, on the river, it wouldn’t actually be in the shadow.

Rick Sanchez and Sunny Go Boating

Rick is usually having multi-dimensional adventures with his grandson Morty but here I’ve got him sailing down an idyllic river with his good mate Sunny. They seem to have got into a little trouble amongst the stones and gravel (a la the Ever Given perhaps?!) but I’m sure Rick can get them out!

After 2 hours of painting I had made good progress with Rick’s body. Sunny still needed a lot more modelling though.

Stage 2; Digital Painting of Rick Sanchez
After a Couple of Hours

Finishing Off the Painting

And here is the finished piece, it was a lot of fun I must say.

Notes: The boat colour was too close to that of the river so I changed it to a light brown. I love how the reflection really helps to sit the boat on the river’s surface.

Stage 3
The Finished Painting

Oh yes, there are 4 seasons of Rick and Morty available on Netflix, I think I might watch a few!

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