Acrylic Ink and Coloured Pencils

Acrylic Ink and Coloured Pencils

Every so often I use a combination of acrylic ink and coloured pencils in my art pieces. They can work really well together – the acrylic inks give you the lovely washes you get with watercolours but with much more intense colours. The coloured pencils allow for some detailing and extra texture. Here are a couple of these paintings:

Robin Redbreast

The first painting created using acrylic ink and coloured pencils is this piece which shows a robin redbreast perched on a wooden stand.

Robins always make a pleasant subject. You can capture them, and their inquisitive poses, with just a few simple lines. A robin’s breast actually tends more to the orange than red. Orange wasn’t known as a colour in English when the bird was first named (that didn’t happen until the 16th century).

In the painting, the vegetation behind the bird is indicated by an abstract merging of vivid acrylic colours.

Gymnast on Beam

And then there is this gymnast in action on the beam apparatus. Well she was on a beam, in the painting the beam is just hinted at – I’m not sure a gymnast could pose quite so confidently on such a thin strip! Again we have an abstract background, predominantly blue-green, with the colours merging into each other, the coloured pencils adding plenty of texture.

Other Tools

You’ll notice both drawings have a dark ink outline, I used a Pentel brush pen for this. It is a black ink pen with a brush tip that gives beautifully expressive lines. The bird was done on cartridge paper whilst the gymnast was on hot pressed watercolour paper.

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