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Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin seems to have been quite a selfish man, abandoning his wife and children in Europe whilst he went swanning off across the globe to have relationships with underage…

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After Magritte

Finally!  The last sheet in that awful book! Here’s a version of French artist Magritte’s The Son of Man.  He seems to be in front of a field rather than…

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After Sargent

An attempt at Sargent’s Jacques Barenton, the original is 22.5 * 18 inches and not quite as rosy cheeked! I enjoyed doing this despite the horrible canvas.

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After Thayer

I love Thayer’s paintings and this one of a pot of roses is no exception.  It was quite hard to do, he has such a loose style.  The original is…

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After Cezanne

I bought a cheap book of canvas sheets, the surface is really rough and awful to paint on.  And I finally think I know what people mean when they say…

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