Orbit in an orbit | Tina Lewis Art

Orbit in an orbit

Orbit in an orbit
Acrylic on Canvas
A4 (8 * 11.5 inches)

I haven’t done Illustration Friday for quite a while.  The word this week is Orbit.  The orbit is the cavity in the skull in which the eye sits.   So what I’ve painted is a couple of eyeballs orbiting around (each other) within an orbit.

And why would they be eyeballing each other so aggressively?  Perhaps it reflects anger and frustration at our inability to look after our environment.  Their orbital path mirroring that of all the space junk floating around the planet which made the news last week.  And perhaps the skull reflects the fate of mankind if we continue in this irresponsible way.

The palette used is yellow ochre, raw umber, burnt umber, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, white and a touch of red.

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