Illustration Friday have a new word, Family. It went up yesterday, Monday the 16th.

Should it be called Illustration Monday instead? I don’t know, the previous word, ‘gift’, went up on a Thursday (I think) and was only there for about 5 days. Previous to that was ‘brain’ which was the chosen word for over 5 weeks! No, I really don’t know what’s going on either.

What’s annoying is when you start on a word and it has changed before you finish, so you don’t get to display your work on the site. You just have to take the risk, work quickly and hope the word stays up for more than a couple of days.

This piece, at the top of the page, was done in a mix of media: inks and coloured pencils on cartridge paper.

I decided to do another quick version using casein:

Painting of a young family in casein.
Painting of young family, casein
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