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Acrylic on Canvas Paper 8 * 10 inches

This is from a London 2012 photograph.  It’s done on Daler Rowney canvas paper that I bought to replace the discontinued W&N Winton paper.  I don’t like it as much as the Winton paper and probably won’t be buying anymore – actually they’ve changed the surface of this paper too (no longer an even pattern) so I definitely won’t be buying it any more!


Acrylic on Canvas Paper 7 * 10 inches

Acrylic on Canvas Paper
7 * 10 inches

Another old piece I’ve found.  I love the combination of colours here.  But most of all I love the winton canvas paper that Winsor & Newton no longer seem to produce!

It is/was definitely my favourite surface, not at all like the paper they make for acrylics which I don’t like much at all.  I’ll now have to go searching for a replacement.

The Fruit Seller

The Fruit Seller

7*5 inches; Acrylic on Canvas Panel

I’ve a large tube of phthalo turquoise which hardly ever gets used and it occurred to me that it would be great for monochromatic studies.  See my new painting above of an Egyptian fruit seller offering the viewer a tangerine (I thought the dash of orange would finish it off nicely).

I enjoyed creating this and will be doing a few more small monochromatic studies.