Rose on Lana Vanguard (Yupo)

Acrylic on Yupo Paper 10 * 14 inches

Acrylic on Yupo Paper
10 * 14 inches

I’m trying out Lana Vanguard Polypropylene paper, it’s made in France and similar to Yupo paper (which we can’t seem to get here).

It is smooth, smooth, smooth!  The paper is non-absorbent so colour sits on top of the paper and takes longer to dry than with other surfaces.  I thought this would make it great for blending but the paint just slides all over the place.

Having said that I like this painting of a rose (I started with an acrylic gouache black/white underpainting) and look forward to more experiments with Lana Vanguard paper.

Ampersand – Gesso Bord

Acrylic on Gesso bord 5 * 7 inches

Acrylic on Gesso bord
5 * 7 inches

This was the surface I thought I’d like the most and I saved it until last.

It didn’t feel too different from the Aquabord although it has an acrylic gesso ground rather than the aquabord’s clay surface.  I enjoyed this surface more than the finished painting would suggest (I struggled with those yellows!).

In conclusion, my favourite Ampersand surface is definitely the aquabord.  I will be buying a few more of the aquabord, gessobord and perhaps the scratchbord as I like that smooth India ink background.  I would also buy the canvas texture artists panel if it came in the flat profile.

Ampersand – Artists Panel

Acrylic on Artists Panel 5 * 7 inches

Acrylic on Artists Panel
5 * 7 inches

I rather enjoyed painting on this surface.  Not too dissimilar to a normal canvas panel, it’s been primed to give a medium canvas texture.

I liked it enough to consider buying the panel in a larger size but it turns out, other than in sample packs, they only come in 9mm thickness or cradled.

Ampersand – Artists Panel Smooth

Acrylic on Artists Panel 5 * 7 inches

Acrylic on Artists Panel
5 * 7 inches

I had initially thought this would be one of my favourites seeing as it’s marketed for all artists’ paints and I actually have a 16 * 20 inch version that I bought in anticipation of a pleasurable painting experience. 

But given what I now know of their smooth surfaces I decided I’d try this semi-absorbent surface next.

Yep, smooth and slippery, not looking forward to using that larger panel now!