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Ampersand – Gesso Bord

Ampersand – Gesso Bord
Acrylic on Gesso bord 5 * 7 inches
Acrylic on Gesso bord
5 * 7 inches

This was the surface I thought I’d like the most and I saved it until last.

It didn’t feel too different from the Aquabord although it has an acrylic gesso ground rather than the aquabord’s clay surface.  I enjoyed this surface more than the finished painting would suggest (I struggled with those yellows!).

In conclusion, my favourite Ampersand surface is definitely the aquabord.  I will be buying a few more of the aquabord, gessobord and perhaps the scratchbord as I like that smooth India ink background.  I would also buy the canvas texture artists panel if it came in the flat profile.

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