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Ampersand Board – Scratchbord

Ampersand Board – Scratchbord
Acrylic on Scratchbord 5 * 7 inches
Acrylic on Scratchbord
5 * 7 inches

I decided I’d try the Ampersand boards starting with the surface I’m least likely to like, ending with the surface I think will be most enjoyable for me to paint on.

So, the smooth, black scrathbord!  They say it’s clay coated hardboard that’s been coated with India Ink.  Well I’ve never created scratchboard art and haven’t the equipment to start, it was my normal paints and brushes.

It was nice to have such a smooth, black background but I found the surface much too slick for my acrylics, I was really fighting with the painting and stopped before I considred it finished.

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