A Mixed Media Lady with Orange Curls

A Mixed Media Lady with Orange Curls

Here’s another 1920’s inspired mixed media lady. This one, with orange hair and green pearls, gazes back at us and looks somewhat more placid or mild mannered than the Lady with Blue Curls and Pearls.

This piece, like the previous, has a very textured background and includes some collaged pinkish red flowers. The petals of the flowers have been lined with gold ink.

mixed media painting early stage
Early Stage
Lady with Orange Curls & Green Pearls
Finished Painting

An early stage of the painting is shown above. The background is pretty much finished and the foreground is in the underpainting stage. I think that stage of the painting has a charm of its own!

Materials used for this piece were inks, acrylics, soft pastels and collage. Prints are available to buy on a range of surfaces and products.

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