Caricatures are Fun!

Caricatures are Fun!

On a visit to HobbeyCraft earlier in the year I picked up a booklet of watercolour postcards, Aquafine by Daler Rowney, got home and wondered what to do with them. I finally settled on caricatures, I’d do some people portraits without stressing about the proportions.

Caricature of Woman in Victorian Dress

I selected a number of photographs from paint-my-photo, including some from a Dickens Day re-enactment – loads of interesting outfits.

Caricature of Woman in Berry Hat

I did a number of paintings in watercolour but posted here are a few I did in casein.

Big Ears: Caricature of Woman

I like how they turned out and especially love the little girl (get prints here). Casein has a matte finish which scans really well. The paper, which was NOT and too textured for my liking, was probably what encouraged the rather painterly result, I definitely wasn’t putting any effort into blending or fine details.

4 thoughts on “Caricatures are Fun!

  1. The little girl rendition is adorable, Tina! 😊 Maybe that textured paper paid off! But I’m just guessing, I’ve never tried casein & such. And they’re all very cute, but, yes, esp the tiny neck girl 😊 Glad, I saw your post url on the Fine Art America blog post thread!

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