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The Fruit Seller

The Fruit Seller

7*5 inches; Acrylic on Canvas Panel

I’ve a large tube of phthalo turquoise which hardly ever gets used and it occurred to me that it would be great for monochromatic studies.  See my new painting above of an Egyptian fruit seller offering the viewer a tangerine (I thought the dash of orange would finish it off nicely).

I enjoyed creating this and will be doing a few more small monochromatic studies.



Greenwich Dangleway

It’s been nearly a year since the cable cars between North Greenwich and the Royal Docks were completed.  There are 3 of these very elegant towers spanning the river, each car can take up to 10 people and the service can carry 2500 people per hour.

I’m yet to have a ride but maybe one day soon… I would probably have painted it quite a few more times before then I’m sure!

Greenwich Dangleway

8*10 inches; Acrylic on Canvas Panel


IF Topic: Sweet

Bee on Honeycomb

7*5 inches; Acrylic on Watercolour Paper


The fruit of bees is desired by all, and is equally sweet to kings and beggars  – Saint Ambrose

Going back quite a few years, there was a documentary on the Baka Pygmies of Cameroon.  One of my favourite scenes was when a group of them went deep into the forest looking for honey.  And when they found some, wow, it looked so delicious – they ate it all, the honey, the honeycomb and the odd bee!

I quite like the effect of the hexagonal comb cells in this sketch, I think I might use it for a larger painting.

The Old Church

The Old Church

7*10 inches; Acrylic on Watercolour Paper

This was my first chance to try out the watercolour paper I bought recently.  It’s 300lb (640gsm) weight paper, about 1.5mm thick so not likely to buckle with fluid paint.

What it did do was suck up the paint – the first few layers practically disappeared!  Next time I use it I’ll be spreading a layer or two of gesso to try and seal the surface.  It was great to paint on though and I’m so happy I tried it (a pleasant change from acrylic paper which I don’t like much at all).


wde-31-05-13_step1 wde-31-05-13_step2