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Virtual Paintout – The Pink House in Lido di Jesolo

A really good online painting challenge is The Virtual Paintout.  You get to do a plein air painting in the comfort of your own studio, using Google’s Street View.  A country, town or some other area is chosen at the start of the month and each participant finds a view to paint – great idea!

This month the chosen location is Lido di Jesolo which is in the Venice province of Italy.  Here’s my contribution:

The Pink House in Lido di Jesolo

8*10 inches; Acrylic on Acrylic Paper

IF Topic: Liquid

The British Museum is running an exhibition on Pompeii – Life and death Pompeii and Herculaneum.  The exhibition is on until September and I will definitely be visiting.  Perhaps that’s why my mind immediately went to molten lava when I saw last Friday’s IF topic.  I had a bit of fun:

Awareness Ignited

8 * 10 inches; Acrylic on Acrylic Paper

Of course, as we all know, it wasn’t slow moving lava that got them in Pompeii but the rather scarier and speedier pyroclastic flow (but I guess such subtleties are of no consequence if you’re a statue with a top speed of about 0mph!).

Zazzle Store – TinaLewisArt

The ‘something else’ which I mentioned in the last post and which has been keeping me extremely busy these past few weeks is my new Zazzle Store.  Zazzle is a Print on Demand (POD) service that allows people to place their artwork and images on a wide range of merchandise (kitchenware, apparel, electronics and more).  The artist receives a royalty fee for each of their products that is sold.


Apparently some people make good money from Zazzle and similar sites, it’s hard work though, getting the products up, and of course they don’t sell by themselves – you have to commit yourself to lots of marketing.  I’ll let you know how I get on in the coming months.

Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday is a weekly art task that anyone can join in. A topic is chosen each Friday and anyone who’s interested draws or paints their interpretation of it.  I really enjoy looking at other people’s styles and take on a topic.

I’ve been too busy with this website (and something else which I’ll tell you about later) to do the most recent IF but may find the time to do a quick sketch for this week’s.

Here are a few submissions I made not too long ago, they’re all acrylic on 6*4 inch card.

Topic: Farewell




Topic : Train